Starting a business is one of the biggest wish of many Malaysians. With our own business, we can earn more on the side, decide on our own paycheck, and decide our own work hours too.

After all, who will still works in the same company, with the same pay, for 30 years?

However, many people also failed when they started a business. Most of the time, they failed not because they are inexperienced, or lack of capital. Most fail because they do the wrong business.

Here are 3 worst businesses to start in Penang.

Opening A Cafe

Opening a cafe seems to be the trend in the past few years. On the surface, it seems profitable to sell a cappuccino at RM15, truffle fries at RM20, eggs benedict toast at RM40. However, no one sees the REAL Killer of opening a cafe – High Rental and Employee Cost.

The high rental can go up to RM7000 a month. Not to mention, we need pay at least 6 month to 12 month of rent upfront to the landlord to secure the space. This means we need to pay RM84,000 to the landlord, even before we sell our first coffee.

We have yet to add in renovation costs, and employee wages. Do the math. All these huge costs are reasons why more and more cafes are closing down.

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MLM or Multi Level Marketing

MLM is also one of the most popular businesses out there, but also one of the hardest to do (But of course friends or people in the industry already will say otherwise).

When we do MLM, yes, our startup capital is low – needing only a few hundreds or thousands only, unlike opening a cafe. But the most difficult part? Finding customers to buy our products. Our upline will tell us to sell to our friends or family members. If you’ve done MLM before, or have friends who done MLM before, you will know what I mean (and how many friends start avoiding us!).

No one likes to sell to friends and family. Worse, what if our friends and family don’t buy from us, who can we sell to? Doing roadshows at shopping malls?

Selling is not suitable for everyone, and that’s why many people fail in MLM business.

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3. Website Design

Another business most people tried is Website Design. This is usually done by people with some IT technical skills. A website project can earn us RM3000 to RM5000 per website. We don’t need to pay high rental too, as we can work from home, or anywhere with an internet connection.

This may get you thinking… “Wow, In this case, I can just do 1 website per month, and I can easily earn RM5000! I can also work from home!” This is what most website designers first thought also.

What they don’t know, is that handling customers can be a big headache. Customers have tons of changes they want done to their website, and most websites cannot be completed in just 1 month, but rather after 6 months to even 1 year!

Furthermore, customers will call us at night or weird hours to demand quick changes.

Most people rather give up their web design business, than deal with endless customer support.

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Is It Still Possible To Build A Business, Without Huge Rental, Without Finding Customers Or Selling To Friends And Family, And Without Doing Customer Support?

Yes. It is possible.

And it is also what I called the best business model for ordinary Malaysians who don’t like to sell, don’t like to do customer support, don’t need huge rental… and still can start a real, successful eCommerce business.

Below is an example, showcasing our own private account of our eCommerce business.

Just like you, we are ordinary people who want to start businesses so we can earn more, and also have more freedom in our lives. And the business which allow us to achieve all that, is building an Amazon eCommerce business.

With Amazon, we have found great success, and there’s

  • No need to create any websites
  • No need to handle inventory
  • No need to deliver products to customers’ doorstep
  • No need to find customers ourself
  • No need to do customer support
  • No need to hire employees

Want to learn how?

Here’s the good news.

We will be conducting a Free “5-Star Seller Academy” Seminar to show ordinary Malaysians how they can start a real eCommerce business, without handling websites, doing customer support, or even selling.

Seats are limited, as each class is only limited to 30 people.

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