Discover The Secrets Of Building a 7-Figure eCommerce Business… Without Creating Websites, Handling Any Products, or Even Selling

Why Leveraging On Amazon Is Probably The Best Way To Build Your eCommerce Business

Building an eCommerce business with Amazon is possibly the simplest and fastest way for ordinary Singaporeans to build a real 7-figure business without headaches. Here’s why.

Physical Retail Shop Own eCommerce Website Amazon eCommerce Business
No Need to Pay Rental X X
No Need to Handle inventory X X
Opens 24/7, 365 Days A Year X
No Need to Hire Employees X
No Need to Do Customer Support X X
No Need to Deliver Products To Customers X X
No Need to Own Logistics & Warehouse X X
No Need to Create Own Website X X
No Need IT Technical Knowledge X X
No Need to Set Up Own Payment Processor X X
No Need Huge Startup Capital X
No Need To Find Customers Yourself X X
Easily Reach Millions Of Active Shoppers X X


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1. Do you need a lot of money to start this Amazon business?

No. Traditional ecommerce requires you to pay for website design which can be in the hundreds or thousands. Even dropshipping requires you to spend thousands on advertising to reach customers. By partnering wth Amazon, you will get free website and easily reach 300 million active customers on Amazon. Because of these benefits, you just need a few hundred dollars to start. You will discover more at the seminar.

2. Do you need a lot of time to do this Amazon business? 

If you do traditional ecommerce, most of your time is logistics, warehousing, delivery, customer service, and many more. If you do dropshipping, you spend lots of time running advertising to reach customers. However, by partnering with Amazon, they handle logistics, warehousing, delivery, and even customer service for you. They also have over 300 million customers for you to tap on. This allows you to do Amazon business part-time, as they handle lots of administrative work for you.

3. Are you able to sell to Singapore market? 

If you want to sell in Singapore, you can consider selling on local ecommerce sites like Qoo10 or Lazada. However, Singapore is too small a market. We partner with Amazon, and sell to customers mainly in USA, because US has a much bigger population, bigger market demand, bigger customer database. When we earn, we are also earning in US Dollars, which give us higher returns than Singapore Dollars.

4. I have no IT skills or technical knowledge. Can I sell on Amazon? 

Yes, that’s the reason why Amazon is the best platform to start your ecommerce business. You can list your products on Amazon without knowing any programming or website design skills. You don’t have to worry about payment system, website hosting, or even website security, as everything will be handled by Amazon for you. If you do your own ecommerce store or dropshipping, you need to design your own website, and all other complicated technicalities.

5. Can I start the Amazon business in Singapore? 

Yes, you can start this Amazon business in Singapore, because that what we do too. Once your business is set up and running, you can manage this business anywhere you like, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection.

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