I had a stable job with a stable income.

Not too bad based on my $9,800 monthly income as compared to most of my friends.

However, I wasn’t happy.

Hell Week. Every Week.

I was pretty much dead inside as I was just going with the flow. 

I was literally working from 8 am to 1 am.

I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning and report straight to work. The moment I sit in my office chair, I’ll be doing stacks and stacks of paperwork until it’s lunchtime. 

I would grab lunch on my own, rush over to any stalls that have no queue at all and just grab my lunch back to my office. As I ate on my desk, my eyes were glued to my laptop screen, preparing for the next scheduled appointments with my clients. It gets worse when I had to skip lunch in order to attend back to back meetings. 

What’s funny is that there was one time that I skipped lunch and attended a meeting, my stomach growled so long and so loud that everyone in the meeting could hear it! It was so embarrassing! 

Overweight, Overwork, Over-Exhausted

And because I skip my lunch so often and worked long hours without food, I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers.

My health was greatly affected too. I did not have enough sleep and couldn’t sleep well. I would often be woken up by my nightmares in the middle of the night, stressed about what is to be completed the next day.

Even when I was sick and down with flu, I couldn’t afford to take MC. I would just pop in a few flu tablets and carried on with my assignments.

And when I get frustrated, I smoked more cigarettes than I used to. Half a pack in a single day as work piled up even more.

I Thought Earning More Money Means More Happiness

I didn’t know my work can be so overwhelming that it affected my relationship with my wife.

At times, I’ve been so tied up at work that I forgot to inform her that I have to work OT.

I forgot that she had prepared dinner that day and by the time I got home, she started arguing with me for spending too much time at work than with her. 

She was concerned as she saw how heavy my eyebags were and that I’ve put on a lot of weight in a span of a few months.

Work was indeed killing me slowly.

I realised it’s not worth sacrificing my health, the time that I could spend with my loved ones and the many important things in life just for the sake of money.

There must be a way to make as much money as I make without risking my life to do it.

I Really Want To Quit But My Wife Advised Me To Think THRICE

I told my wife I wanted to quit so that we can rebuild our relationship again, and that I can also get back my own health.

But she told me to think thrice because my income is paying for most of our family expenses.

For the last 6 months, I have been planning my way out of this crazy, soul-less job.

I started researching and I found that starting a part-time online business is best for me to get out of this job.

This is because online business is easy for me to start, with at most a few thousand dollars, and I can use 1-2 hours to manage it.

And when I do it big, I can earn more than $9,800 a month, good enough to replace my high job income.

My Dream Life

As I’m sharing you my story right now, I am serving my 1-month notice in my job. But during this 1 month, my online business is also slowly picking up, and making me around $2,000 a month.

Not a lot, but I can feel that I’m getting back my life. I can sleep better, spend time to exercise, and more importantly, I can enjoy some private time with my wife, without bogging down with work.

I hope to continue this, build my business so that I can earn $9,800 a month or more.

Without having to skip my meals again…

That I can have more time for myself…

To exercise and get back my health…

And to spend quality time with my wife.

Soon enough, I can quit my current job.

And when business continues to do well, I can bring my wife for holidays again.

What Business Are You Doing?”

When I share this story with my friends, they also ask me what’s the online business that I’m doing that help me get out of my crazy job.

Because they also feel overloaded at their work and want to have more time, and more income as well.

There are many types of business but among all, I chose to do Amazon eCommerce business.

Why I chose Amazon is simply because it is an eCommerce giant.

The things I sell on Amazon, not only local Singaporeans can buy but anyone around the world.

I am not very good with IT and do not know how to build a website. This is where Amazon allows me to sell my items on their website.

The best part is that I don’t even have to face customers to do any hard-selling!

It operates online, handles the deliveries of my products and even customer support for me – 24/7.

So while I’m sleeping in Singapore, I’m making money when someone in the US is buying from me!

With Amazon, I was able to make 5-6 figures income and eventually quit my job!

  • No need to create any websites
  • No need to handle inventory
  • No need to deliver products to my customers’ doorstep
  • No need to find customers myself
  • No need to do customer support
  • No need to hire employees

Because Amazon will do all of the above for you.

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