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How Malaysians Can Make Thousands Of Dollars In Passive Income With No Startup Capital Required.

This seminar (worth RM128) is fully sponsored by Ace Profits Academy, Malaysia’s Leading Wealth Creation and Personal Development Education Platform.

Your Instructor

Internet Entrepreneur Simon Leung

Making Real Passive Income Without Handling Inventory And Zero Startup Capital.

Simon Leung, one of the world’s renowned internet entrepreneur, has trained hundreds of ordinary Malaysians to make thousand dollars of passive income using this ‘Zero Capital Dropshipping Model’, just like the ones below.

This business model requires only one time set up, but it can generate hundreds to thousands dollars of passive income for you consistently, month after month, without you handling or delivering any products.

“The strategies I learn from Simon, triple up the monthly revenue of my conventional business. At first I don’t believe I can make it, but with Simon, I managed to make $10,000 in profits in 2 months

Jimmy, Penang

“I just need an internet access and my laptop, and I got my first sale from overseas… and within a few months, with just some effort, I managed to make 4 figures ringgit income.”

~ Jasmine, Malaysia

In This Sponsored Seminar, You Will Discover

The 3 Most Important Secrets You Must Have To Run A Successful Online Business

Discover The Important Factors That Make Simon And His Student’s Internet Businesses So Successful Generating 4-5 Figures Income… While Others Are Struggling To Even Pay The Bills

Why This “Zero Capital Dropshipping Model” Is Probably The Best Way To Grow Your Side Income

X No Capital Required

X No Need To Create Websites

X No Need To Handle Inventory

X No Need Handle Physical Products

X No Need Do Delivery

X No Need To Find Customers Yourself

How To Find Products And Services That You Can Promote Online, That Will Give You Huge Profit Commissions

Don’t Know What To Sell? Don’t Worry! Simon Will Show You Tons Of Products And Services You Can Promote Online, That Will Pay You Huge Commissions!

Little Known Free Strategies Simon’s Students Use To Find Thousands Of Customers To Buy Their Products From Their Online Store

You Don’t Even Have To Find Customers. Simon Will Show You Free Strategies You Can Use To Get Customers Rushing To Buy From You!

… And Many More Secrets To Make Extra 4 to 5 Figure Passive Income Online!

“I was busy with my other business, so I spend my extra time to build this business. Within a couple of weeks, I managed to make some US dollars! With some efforts, I managed to make 4 figures!

Andrew, Malaysia

“Hi Simon, I managed to get another source of income through your workshop. I’m basically selling stuff online, and I’ve made it automated. I’ve gained passive income every month, about few thousand plus. So I would like to say thank you again.”

~ William, Malaysia

Who Must Attend This Seminar

If you want to have additional income on top of your current job.

If you want to build real passive income, so you will have more time to pursue other things in life.

If you have tried many ways to make passive income, but failed, and want to learn from a real expert now

If you have tried making money via dropshipping, but failed, and you want to learn from an expert who trained hundreds of Malaysians to do this.

If you want to start an online business, using zero capital, and a few hours a day to manage.

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1. Do you need a lot of money to start this internet business?

No. This internet business shared by Simon does not require any startup capital, which is why it is preferred by many Malaysians who are looking to start a side business for additional income. You will discover the entire model at Simon’s seminar.

2. Do you have another date and time for this event?

No. Simon is based in Penang, and he also enjoys his freedom to travel, or coach his own students in their businesses. Hence, it is not easy to secure a time with Simon to conduct free sessions like this. If you can’t make it for this event, you can still register first, and we will update you if we have similar events in the future.

3. I’ve never done any business. Is this suitable for me?

Yes, this is the reason why you need to start attend this seminar to learn more. This ‘Zero Capital Dropshipping Model’ is the most suitable online business for beginners, who have no background or technical knowledge at all. Many of Simon’s students who are making good passive income now, started with no experience in internet business too.

4. Can I start this business in Malaysia?

Yes, you can start this internet business in Malaysia. Once your business is set up and running, you can manage this business anywhere you like, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection.


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