I left my job since December 2017.

It was a great company but work had taken a toll out of me.

And I decided to see how I could make use of my savings that I have left.

I wanted an easier and simpler life by learning how best to make use of my time to grow my money.

I attended several talks especially those on how to invest my money and eventually got very interested in trading in the stock market.

Back in my mind, I heard of some popular Singapore stocks and I wanted to invest my savings in them.

However, I do not know anything about trading in stocks. If you want to trade stocks profitably, you need to learn this FIRST!

Investing in stocks is definitely a way to truly grow my wealth.

Among all the seminar talks that I’ve attended, I found Ronald to be an exceptional investor and started learning from him.

Ronald was very insightful and knowledgable on how to trade in the stock market.

He truly opened my eyes to how manipulative the market is and that we can still profit from the stock market using his strategies.

With all the books that I’ve read, talks that I’ve attended and the online materials that I’ve learnt about stock investment…

Nothing beats Ronald K.

Despite him already a self-made millionaire through stock investing, he is passionate about teaching his students how to analyse stocks, manage our portfolio and invest in performing stocks that are bound to make profits.

I was about to make a $35,000 trade onto a Singapore stock based on how I felt about the stock.

Luckily, Ronald advised me not to do so and that stock which I wanted to invest my savings on, dipped throughout these past 2 years.

I would have almost lost all my savings on that!

If you do not learn from what he has to teach, you will definitely be outplayed by the Big Players of the market.

He has provided me with a faster learning curve in stock investing and he truly delivers RESULTS!

Investments in companies can be profitable, ONLY If you learn how.

We all want to grow our wealth. We want to grow our retirement funds so we can retire early, retire rich. And investing in companies is a very common way to grow our money.

However, only some will be successful. And why they can do it, is because they are willing to learn how to invest in companies correctly.

Ronald K is one of them.

He made his first million through the stock market, and also featured three times in the Sunday Times for his approach to winning the stock market.

However, when he first started, just like most retail investors, he made many mistakes, which caused him to lose most of his capital.

Unlike others, he did not give up.

Ronald made the effort to re-learn and study the psychology of stock traders and investors, go in deep to fully understand how to really profit from the stock market.

These days, he is making 5 to 6 figure profits from the trades he enters.

He still makes losses, but he knows when to enter when to exit to keep the losses small while maximising the profits.

Ronald is also invited by many financial institutions and brokerage houses to share his trading and investment tips to help their clients and other investors to grow their money safely, and profitably.

Grow Your Wealth Safely And Profitably, By Educating Yourself Today!

Most people lose money in investments because they don’t want to learn how to do it right. They prefer to listen to ‘hot tips’ by friends, or bank salesmen.

And when investments turn bad, they cry foul. They complain, they protest.

Don’t let that be you.

Educate yourself. Learn how to invest right.

So you can grow your wealth, safely and profitably, again and again.

Ace Profits Academy, Singapore’s Leading Education Platform in Financial Education, has proudly invited Stock Market Psychologist Mr Ronald K, to share his winning strategies to profit from the stock market.

In the 2.5 hours educational seminar, you will discover the exact and proven strategies he uses to make over $1m from Singapore stocks using his secret ‘Top 30 Volume Stock Strategy’.

Seats are sponsored but is reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis, and limited to 30 people.

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