Have you always been superstitious about having auspicious numbers on your car plate?

Would you even bid for a set of numbers that you think would bring you luck?

Even if you don’t own a car, are you always hunting for license plate numbers that give you the next winning 4D numbers?

Many Singaporeans had spent thousands of dollars just to bid for car plate numbers that they think are auspicious.

Apparently, they are just spending money on these so-called special car plate numbers that have NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGE in their lives!

Do you really think you can siam away from the Saman Auntie just because you have a set of ‘good’ numbers on your car plate?

But what if I tell you that there is a special and unique set of numbers that you’ve ignored your entire life?

Even if you don’t own a car.

That if you knew about these numbers, it can change your life for the better, create more wealth, successes and achieving the things you want in life

These numbers had always been with you since the very day you were born.

It is your BIRTH DATE that you can change your life around!

Your Birth Date Can Tell Alot More About Yourself

Yes, your unique, personal date of birth, the date that you are born and welcomed to this world, will reveal everything about you.

Based on UCMHP, “Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling”, your date of birth can unlock your secret codes to achieving success in all areas of your life – health, wealth, academic, career, family and romantic relationships.

The founder of UCMHP, Dr Bernard Yeo, analysed 12,000 individuals and their birth dates, putting in over 70,000 hours of scientific research work, and found that there were 9 fundamental unique character types, shared between 7.5 billion people on Earth.

By calculating your UC Number (Universal Character Number), you will know many things such as:

  • what career is suitable for you
  • what industry you should be in
  • what assets should you invest
  • why I don’t have savings even when I earn a lot
  • why do I always get cheated by friends
  • why am I lucky (or unlucky)
  • what are my potential health challenges
  • what am I destined to do in life

… and many many more!

Calculate Your UC Number

Calculating your UC number takes 3 minutes or less. 

Just by inserting your birth date into this UCMHP Chart, and following simple calculation steps, your own personal UCMHP Chart will be plot out.

And with this chart fully plot out, Dr Bernard will be able to analyse your UCMHP Chart, and reveal everything about yourself – your wealth, career, family, health, relationships.

You may be surprised, even if Dr Bernard never see you before, never talk to you before, but just with your date of birth, he can read out everything about you!

Uncover Your True Hidden Talents LIVE With Dr. Bernard Yeo!

Dr Bernard is a highly sought after Numerology Wealth Expert, who has helped thousands of individuals unlock their true hidden talents and potential, to create massive success in life, just by using their birth date. 

To help more people uncover their hidden talents and maximise their fullest potential, Ace Profits Academy has invited Dr Bernard to speak in the upcoming ACE Wealth Convention

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Dr Bernard will personally show you how to calculate your UC number with just your date of birth so that you can chart your own destiny path, make the right decisions in your career, business, relationships and more. 

You’ll also learn from other expert speakers who will be sharing with you practical strategies that you can implement to create wealth for yourself!

Dr Bernard’s research and findings had benefited thousands of people in several countries that I’ve spoken to not only here in Singapore but in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Hundreds of Singaporeans have come to learn how to discover their true path to success in life from me. This is where I showcase to them how UCM Human Profiling Methodology can be beneficial and useful in our daily lives!

Attend The ACE Wealth Convention and Get The Universal Character Report Chart – FREE!

Here’s the good news!

For the first 350 attendees to register, you will also receive Dr Bernard’s Universal Character Chart where you can just insert your birth date, plot out the chart, and it will reveal everything you need to know about yourself.


Dr Bernard will personally pick a few lucky individuals to do a Live Reading for them ON THE SPOT!

If Dr Bernard get to read your birth date, you will SEE FOR YOURSELF that his analysis of your profile and personality is as high as 90% accurate.

So what are you waiting for?

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