Everyone loves passive income.

Passive income is a form of income when you put in one-time effort, and you received income on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it.

This is the best form of income anyone can have.

However, many people are not taught to earn passive income. All of us know how to get a job to make money, but that’s active income.

When you stop working, you stop earning!

But if you earn passive income, you will still receive income even when you’re sleeping, on holiday, or even when you’re working full-time!

If you earning passive income is your goal for 2019, here are 3 simple ways for you:

1. Earning interest from bank

One time effort: Open a savings account with your local bank, put initial sum of IDR10,000,000 (USD700)

Passive Income: With interest rate at about 1.5%, you will earn a IDR150,000 a year. (US$10)

2. Earning a slightly higher interest from bank’s fixed deposit

One time effort: Put an initial sum of IDR10,000,000 in a fixed deposit, for 2 year period.

Passive Income: At the end of 2 years, with interest rate of about 5% offered by Indonesian banks, you will earn IDR500,000 (US$36) per year.

3. Email Marketing Business

What if you find that the interest offered by the bank is too low and want to earn more?

Fret not! You can also start your own email marketing business, using few hours of your time after work too! This business not only requires a low capital, but is also a low commitment business which can be done during your free time.

More importantly, can such a business generate for you extra US$1500 – US$2500 every month?

Only such a business can cover your retirement expenses, so that you can finally lead a stress-free life.

And these days, you can easily start an online business, without any technical background or experience. Just some simple tools or softwares can help you get started!

Here’s the good news.

You can learn how to start your own simple online business which potentially can generate few thousands dollars for you part-time, even if you have no technical experience or background.

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