How He Went From Earning $1/Hour At 15 To Becoming The Owner of An Online Business Empire & A Millionaire At 21


Desmond Ong may have started his online business when he was still in secondary school, but it took him a few years – and a massive stroke of luck – before he realised how to make money from it.

“I went online and searched for the keywords ‘Make Money Online’,” he recalls. “I realised one of the easiest ways to make money online was through blogging, so I started multiple blogs.

“But while blogging was very hot at that time, none of my three blogs made any money.”

For the young Desmond, earning money was not just a passion – but also a necessity.

Humble Beginnings

His family had been running a leather goods business, but it had collapsed in the face of the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

To support his family, he found work at a steamboat restaurant, where he would clear tables and wash dishes after school every day.

There was grease everywhere, so the labour was back-breaking. To make matters worse, he was paid only $1 per hour.

He gave half of his salary to his parents and used the remaining money to pay for web hosting fees, which allowed him to keep his blogs online.

 But his mother was less enthusiastic about his ‘hobby’.

“After the financial crisis, my mother became very jaded with doing business.

“She told me that the best way to succeed in life was to get straight ‘A’s in school, get a scholarship and study in university for free – not do business.”

Little did she know that Desmond had been attending school without a textbook. He felt that it was too expensive and didn’t want to trouble his parents to afford one.

Worried that he was spending too much time on blogging and not enough time studying, his mother tried to ‘sabotage’ his online business.

“My mother moved my computer into her room, so it became very hard for me to blog.

“When she was sleeping, I would sneak into her room and get my work done on the computer.”

Besides writing new articles to keep his blogs updated, he would promote his sites on Internet forums.

He would then squeeze in a few hours of sleep before heading to school still bleary-eyed.

The First Sale

Then, one day, the unexpected happened: one of his blogs caught the eye of someone on the Internet forum that he was a member of.

Desmond sold his blog,, for $300. It was the largest amount he had made from his online business.

Excited, he shared his experience – more precisely, how he managed to sell his blog for $300 – on the same Internet forum.

As his story became more and more popular, another member of the Internet forum advised him to package his knowledge into an eBook.

His first eBook, at just 5 pages long, sold $1,500 worth of copies.

Sensing an opportunity, he created a longer version of his first eBook and made $3,500 from it. An even newer version of the eBook garnered $11,500 in sales.

By 21, just 6 years after he started his online business, Desmond had become a millionaire.

Today, Desmond is the owner an online business empire, with over a million to his name – and people from all over the region queuing up for a chance to learn the secrets behind his success.

Just HOW did he do it?

The 3 Key Pillars To Starting A Successful Business

Desmond attributes his business success to 3 fundamental ideas. Once you master these key principles, you’ll be ready to build a lucrative business that pays you an incredible 3-figure sum daily!


Sell digital products instead of physical products for the highest profits. These digital products can range from simple eBooks (like the 5-page version he created)  to video courses on your favourite topics (e.g. if you like cooking, you can create a cooking video!).

Digital products are easy to create and even easier to deliver to your customers, who can download your products and enjoy them immediately. This also ensures that you won’t be choked by excess inventory and handle shipping costs that may eat into your profits.


Find subjects that are popular, so you can have a big pool of potential customers. Ideally, everyone should be able to relate to your topic. Some suggestions include health, wealth, beauty and weight loss.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert on the subject. Desmond will show you how to leverage on a wide variety of online resources to build your own digital products quickly and reliably.


Build your own fan base for sustainable, long-term profits. In every business, you need returning customers, NOT one-off shoppers.

Desmond will demonstrate how you can capitalise on Facebook to get your business seen, build a rapport with your customers and collect insights on them.


It’s FREE!

These steps have made shoppers so naturally attracted to Desmond’s products that he’s able to generate sale after sale after sale without putting in much time or effort.

The time and financial freedom has allowed Desmond to go on long holidays with his loved ones and eat the exotic and expensive food that’s only found overseas.

Also, because he works with an online business selling digital products, all he needs to get in touch with his business … if he ever needs to, or just to see his money rolling in from his online sales … is his laptop.

Yes, like this …

Aren’t these all we ever wanted – to have money and still have enough time to spend it with the people whom we care about and do the things we’re passionate about?

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