How I Make 5 Figures Income Selling Clicks


Have you gone to to search for something before?screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-31-19-pm

Have you seen a Google Advertisement, and click the ad before?

Do you know that Google can earn between $1 to $100 every time you click an advertisement?

And now imagine… do you know how much Google is making every day, just by looking at the billions of people clicking on the internet?

Over US$100 Million A Day!

When many people see this big stats, they just go ‘Wow, that’s amazing’. But not for me.

I see this as a huge opportunity!

terence-tan-vertHi, my name is Terence Tan.

I’m an ordinary Singaporean just like you, always working hard to earn more income in expensive Singapore.

A few years ago, I’m frustrated with my full-time ‘dead-end’ job that forces me to work 12-14 hours a day. However, even though I hate my job so much, I cannot quit because I have a family to support.

This is when my friend shared with me the idea that I can ‘sell click like Google’ and make a part time income.

When I heard this idea, I was also blur like you.

“What do you mean by selling clicks?”

“How much money can I make selling clicks?”

“Can I make money selling clicks, even with my full time job?”

I’m skeptical with tons of questions.

However, I saw that Google earn hundreds of millions of dollars a day selling clicks.

Imagine, if I can just earn 0.000001% of what Google earns, that’s enough.

Saying all these, I still don’t exactly know how it works. But I took a leap of faith to try to make this idea work.

terence-incomeAnd like they say, the rest is history.

I made more money ‘selling clicks’ part-time, than I earn in my full-time 12 hours job.

I have quit my job, and went on to make 5-figures income monthly, just selling clicks.

I only have to work few hours a day selling clicks, and all the time is mine. No more crazy 12 hours working. Instead,

I have 12 hours everyday doing what I love!

Do you want to make 5 figures selling clicks too?

After I made real money from the internet by selling clicks, friends and people around me keep bugging me to share them the idea too.

This is where I start sharing with them. And true enough, some of them went on to make good income, just by selling clicks too! (Oh, and I don’t have to worry they are competing with me. The market is so hugeeee!)

If you want to learn how to make 5 figures selling clicks, then here’s the good news.

I will be holding another closed-door workshop, which I called The Internet Arbitrage Secrets Seminar. I will spend my full 3 hours to show you how to make 5-figures selling clicks, using a few hours a day.

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