How To Own 100 Properties With Little or No Money Down


Imagine this…

You own this condo in Bishan.

You rent this property out, and your only job is to collect rent from your tenants every month.

At the end of a few years, you can decide to sell this condo and probably make a mid 6-figure profit from that one property.

Now, what if I tell you,

I have been making good money doing this for the past few years and also allow me to own more than 100 properties..

Will you be interested to know more?

Jerome Picture for WebsiteHi, I’m Jerome. Many people know me as the millionaire property investor, investing in various properties in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia and also featured on various media and spoken on conferences to share my property investing secrets.

If you have always wondered how you can create wealth from property investing, then read on.

But first, I want to tell you why i love property investing So Much!

1. Ever-Increasing Asset

The price for a 4 room flat used to be only about $10,000 in the 60s and 70s. Now, you can’t buy a 4 room flat with $500,000. There are even condominiums in Singapore which costs no less than $1 million now.

Imagine owning a $500,000 flat and being able to sell it for $1 million a few years later. Ain’t that awesome!

2. Safe Investment

This is one of the safest investments in my opinion. To me, if I can see, touch, lick and walk around in my investments, it’s quite safe. It probably would not disappear when I wake up the next day.

Not only that, the prices will not fluctuate too much as the government will make sure that the prices are affordable enough for its citizens.

Physical “Product”. Check

Government Assistance. Check

To me, it can’t be any safer than that.

3. Little Or No Money Needed

You know what the best thing about this discovery?

It’s the ability to buy properties for absolutely no money down.

Zero. Zilch. Nothing.

Imagine this. Imagine paying $0 for a one-room flat in Bukit Merah. You then rent this one-room flat out for, lets say, $200/month. Doing the math, that’s $200 every month for something that you got essentially for FREE!

Now you know why I love property investing?

However, that’s not all. When the price of the property increases, you will be able to sell this one-room flat and earn a profit. Let’s just say the price increased to $250,000. That is $50,000 in profits plus $200 you got every single month!

Are you destined for this?

jerome-srb-sqLet me be a bearer of bad news.

Property investing is not for everyone (yes I said it). Not everyone will succeed in property investing. It is the truth that most others don’t tell you. I do not want you to waste you time and money by telling you that you can do anything in the world.

Don’t get me wrong. You might still be able to succeed with property investing, just not the way I do it (the little money down way).

Now that you are clear, let’s begin to see if you can do this.

Do you believe that you can own properties with little to no money down?

Are you willing to spend little money to no money in order to own properties that are potentially worth $1 million?

Are you able to follow instructions perfectly? (If I tell you to do A, you do A)

If your answers to the above questions are “yes”, congratulations!

You are able to do this!

You are able to own properties with little to no money down.

Do you want to learn how you can do this?

More importantly, do you want to know how you can own 100 properties, just like I do now?

All you have to do is to click the button below and I will share with you my secret discovery at my FREE property investment seminar.