3 jobs you can get paid while travelling

Are you one of those people who can’t sit still and simply stay in one country for an extended period of time? To you, travelling is always an essential as there is always something new and different to see than where you came from. Right now, we have 3 jobs which you can earn money and travel at the same time. These jobs are not desk-bound and you [...]

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The Cryptocurrency BOOM is here!!

All around us we keep seeing Bitcoin millionaires pop up - even as the price keeps rising steadily day after day! The incredible and almost fairytale stories of people who [...]

80% Singaporeans Are Investing (Secretly) In These 3 Things… Are You?

As Singaporeans, we pride ourselves on being “kiasu” or overly-competitive in everything that we do. From sending our children to the top schools, to queueing up at [...]

Top 3 Best Paying Part-Time Jobs In 2018

The cost of living in Singapore has always been rising, and more Singaporeans are always looking for part-time jobs to do to earn extra income. Our guide provides a helpful [...]

3 Zodiac Signs That Will Huat This 2018

If you’re big into astrology, you will be constantly checking out your forecast outlook. We could all use a little help with the outlook predictions for new year, [...]

This Asset Has 1000% Return In 2017

In the world of investing, we are all so familiar with stocks and property investing. Have you heard of these inspiring stories? Some doubled their money in a year from [...]

3 Ways To Improve Your Luck This 2018

Like it or not, bad things can and do happen to all of us. However, there are steps that we can take to minimize them. As we usher in a brand new year, here’s 3 ways to [...]

Cryptocurrency Outlook 2018

Cryptocurrency Outlook 2018 The market sentiment for cryptocurrencies in Singapore and around the world is generally favourable. At present, more media and experts are [...]

3 Ways To 4x Your Income… Anywhere, Anytime!

Do you have only 1 source of income? Or worse still, is your income in Malaysian Ringgit? As I’m writing this, the Malaysian Ringgit is trading at a pretty low level: [...]

5 Ways To Increase Your Income In 2018

Most people who want more income, starts by cutting their expenses. But as we all know, there’s a limit to the expenses we can cut. A better way is to make more money. Here [...]

3 Proven Ways To Improve Luck In 2018

How is your luck last year? It may be good, may be bad. But it doesn’t matter. What’s more important is for the year ahead in 2018! If 2017 has not been a good and [...]