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How Ordinary Malaysians Can Cope With Rising Cost of Living

Do you know that the cost of living is going up in Malaysia? I remember a plate of chicken rice used to cost only RM4 but now it cost RM6. Although it is [...]

Singapore Crypto Expert: Don’t Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is one of the hottest trend that’s shaking the world now. Ever since Bitcoin rise from $1000 to $20,000 in 2017, with almost 2000$ [...]

The First Investment Frenzy To Affect The Entire World!

Everyone said that it was just another bubble. Prominent businesses, international banks, even governments denounced it at first. Even when it grew [...]

Use This Math Formula To Solve Your Money Problems

Have you ever wondered - What makes certain people more successful than others? - Why some people need to work so hard to earn money, while some make it [...]