Top 3 High-Earning Businesses For Introverts in Singapore


You want to start your own business…but

Hate networking sessions?
Hate to do phone calls?
Hate to prospect for sales?

Don’t worry, you can still build a successful business!

You see, the world is flooded with tons of business advice that tells you that if you want to build a successful business, you have to attend lots of networking sessions, handing out namecards to anyone you meet, doing 100s of phone calls to cold prospects every day…

Yes, these advice are best for Extroverts only. Those who can do calls and talk to everyone with ease.

But what about introverts who just want to build a business without losing their personality?

Yes, introverts can build a successful business too. There are many successful entrepreneurs who are introverts, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett.

Below are the top 3 businesses for introverts.

graphic-designer-work-color-samples-swatch-415359161. Graphics Design
Equipment needed: computer, design software

If you’re a highly creative and visual introvert, graphic designing is definitely for you. With digital businesses on the rise, the demand for graphic designs is ever increasing. You can earn up to $65 per hour or even a thousand per assignment for doing what you do best.

2. Coder
Equipment needed: computer, coding software

Computer programming is the rage these days. There are tons of demand for computer programmers and freelance programmers can expect to make up to $60 per hour. With a laptop and programming skills, you can start right away!

3. Digital Marketer
Equipment needed: computer, internet connection

Digital marketing is on the rise in Singapore. The Singapore government has even planned to transform Singapore into a ‘Smart Nation’.

If this is your first time seeing this, then let me explain further. You have to know this because digital marketing is growing, and more Singaporeans are making decent 5 figures using this skill.

Digital Marketing is about marketing and selling of products and services using digital mediums, mainly the internet. In other words, you can run a business entirely using the internet – no phone calls, no meetups, no awkward networking pitches.

This is why so many introverts prefer to be a digital marketer and build an Internet business.

Because being a digital marketer:

  • You don’t need to do any coding or programming
  • You don’t need to prospect your friends or family for sales
  • You don’t need to do cold calling to find customers
  • You don’t need to meet anyone face to face to close the sales
  • You don’t need to do things that those extroverts do!

Plus, you can scale a digital business and sell to customers anywhere in the world!

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