Unlocking The BaZi Analysis: What Can BaZi Analysis Reveal About Your Life?

Many people will ask this, can we really change our own destiny?

Yes! By using Bazi or The 4 Pillars Of Destiny…

A person knows he or she he is going to have a negative luck cycle, the person should keep a low profile and avoid doing dangerous activities. On the other hand, with a good luck cycle, opportunities like making investments at the right time will jumpstart the person’s success.

Your own destiny is adjusted by the changes and actions you choose to take, right after you know your destiny.

Besides analysing on your own destiny, do you know Bazi can also use to calculate your home’s feng shui?

Inauspicious qi or some people call bad energy, it will cause illnesses, loss of wealth as well as your reputation. It can also cause the poor relationship between your family members and your academic performance.

Ideally, calculating the assessment for your property is highly recommended. So those solutions will be provided to keep a well-balanced qi for its occupants.

Hold On A Minute! What Is Bazi? And Is It Really That Powerful?

Allow me to enlighten you.

I’m Master Kevin Foong, and I’ve been reading Bazi for the past 20 years.

The origin of Bazi can be traced back to some 5,000 years ago, when it was practised in the Three Kingdoms Period.

The term ‘Bazi’ can be directly translated to ‘Eight Characters’ in Chinese, or what many people refer to as the ‘Four Pillars of Destiny’. Each pillar has two characters, making it ‘Eight Characters’ in total.

Your characters, based on the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, are derived from your birth numbers. The hour that you’re born in, the day, the month and the year each represents one pillar.

The interplay between these five elements predicts the outcome of your destiny.

For example, the Sun (fire) can warm the sea (water), which in turn is necessary for the survival of plants (wood). An axe (metal) can cut down trees (wood), which can then be used to produce heat (fire). Good soil (earth) is needed to keep out the flood (water) to keep the fire burning, but it can also benefit from a little moisture (water) so that plants can grow on it.

In practical terms, this means – by using just your birth numbers – you can discover yourself, find a job that’s more suitable for you, invest in the right assets, double or even triple your income, forge better relationships with people around you …

And EVEN predict challenges that you will face in life, including health-related issues! The list goes on.

Does this mean you can be as successful as Jack Ma or well, your rich friend who stays in that super big bungalow and drives a Ferrari?

YES, you can!

All you need are your birth numbers. With them, you can unlock your hidden potential, choose the correct path to success AND take control of your destiny, be it your wealth, career, health, relationship or family.

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